The 2nd Annual LGBTIQ+ Global Network Conference

A Virtual Global Conversation

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Our sessions

The 2020 Conference Programme

Celebrating Queerness.

An inspirational start to the conference celebrating a range Queer brilliance from various thought-leaders.

LGBTIQ+ Media Scorecard.

How is the world changing in terms of LGBTIQ+ inclusivity in media?
What are the wins? What is getting better?
And what are the losses … in which areas are things getting worse? And last but not least, how is social media changing the playing field?

The Politics of Sexual Pleasure.

Sexual pleasure is a human right, yet ignorance, shame and prejudice affect the way we consider our sexuality, our sex and our pleasure! How do we identify healthy sexuality and attitudes?
How does self-love and self-acceptance affect our ability to claim our identities and our pleasure?

Around the World in 80 Ways.

Savvy Rainbow Travel Tips from some of the top travel bloggers around the world and how to be a responsible LGBTIQ+ Traveller

The Politics of Pride 2020.

How do Prides drive current queer Issues
What are the issues in 2020 … how are issues changing over time. What are the secrets of a successful pride?

Diversity under the Trans umbrella.

Often when transgender matters are discussed, it is with a very binary lens borrowed from cisgender and hetero-normative discourse that continuously sees transwomen and transmen only.

The Speakers

Our Awesome Speakers

Here are some of our speakers and their profiles.

Anele Siswana
Anele Siswana

Anele is an HPCSA (Helping Professions Council of South Africa)-registered Clinical Psychologist and a lecturer at the University...

Sheriff Mothopeng
Sheriff Mothopeng

Sheriff Mothopeng is a gender non-confirming person, LGBTI activist and archaeologist by profession. Working towards the elimination of...

Treyvone Moo
Treyvone Moo

Treyvone identifies as non binary and uses they/them pronouns. Their education is as varied as their interests and...

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