About Us

The Global LGBTIQ+ Network Conference aims to gather activists from across Africa — and the world — to network, identify their collective areas of struggle, engage in affirming conversations, gather relevant knowledge and share information that will, ultimately, move the Community forward.

Hosted annually at South Africa’s Constitution Hill, a landmark venue indicative of human rights and freedom, the conference is curated in a manner that offers highly relevant takeaways, keen dialogue and debate, warm hospitality and tons of entertainment!

Additionally, the LGBTIQ+ Global Network Conference provides the following:
  • A valuable and unique opportunity for the LGBTIQ+ community to engage and learn more about the health and social issues which, particularly, affect them — that are not satisfactorily shared in mainstream media.

  • A space to find affirmation and support for African queer culture, from both a pan-African and global perspective.

  • The network also intends to extract best practices, provide campaign support (especially with regard to violations) and place international activism on a platform against oppression.

The LGBTIQ+ Global Network Conference is currently the only African-based collective aimed at strengthening bonds and networks among LGBTIQ+ activists on the African continent and the world.  It is a chance for activists to amplify their collective voices and efforts.

It is significant to note that the conference falls during Pride Month in South Africa. The 2nd Global LGBTIQ+ Network Conference, will be hosted virtually and physically from 20 to 23 October 2020, affording us the unique opportunity to bring the world to LGBTIQ+ Africa — and to open Africa up to the global LGBTIQ+ community.