Ricki Kgositau-Kanza

Ricki’s background is International Relations with a speciality in International Human Rights Law and Diplomacy. She is passionate about legal and policy reform, within Africa, to help advance socio-economic justice and accountability. She won a constitutional court case seeking legal gender recognition in the High Court of Botswana, in 2017, and continues to use strategic impact litigation wins to make legislative and policy gains.

Ricki is currently the Executive Director of Accountability International, whose main objective is to hold leaders accountable for international as well as continental human rights, policy, health and developmental commitments as a way of increasing accountability towards marginalised communities.

She is a columnist for The Botswana Gazette, where she uses her weekly column ‘Queer I’ to advance queer experiences and challenge prevailing narratives around, and about, queer persons. She is in the process of registering the Ricki Kgositau Foundation, in Botswana, aimed at raising funds for trans-diverse and gender-diverse persons to access gender-affirming surgeries.

Ricki is the former Director of Gender DynamiX and a co-founder of the Southern Africa Trans Forum (SATF). As a regional collective of trans-focused and trans-led NGOs advocating for inclusion, dignity and human rights of trans-diverse and gender-diverse Africans, the SATF is the first of its kind.

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