Frank Mugisha

Frank is a prominent advocate for the rights of LGBTIQ+ persons, a champion of Human Rights and an anti-violence proponent. The founder of Icebreakers Uganda — an organisation created as a support network for LGBTIQ+ Ugandans who are out, or in the process of coming out — Frank is also the Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, the country’s largest and leading LGBTIQ+ movement. Despite numerous threats to his life, he courageously continues to work for the security, equality and dignity of Uganda’s LGBTIQ+ community. He has given motivational lectures and talks around the world — and has influenced prominent world leaders and celebrities to help fight anti-gay legislations in Uganda.

Frank’s work has been recognised worldwide, including by former United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former United States Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. He was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Defenders Recognition in 2010, as well as the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, the Rafto Prize, and the Cinema for Peace Human Rights Award. He was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize in 2014.

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