Sheriff Mothopeng

Sheriff Mothopeng is a gender non-confirming person, LGBTI activist and archaeologist by profession. Working towards the elimination of discrimination and the meaningful inclusion of LGBTQI identifying youth, Sheriff has been doing tremendous advocacy work in Lesotho since 2009 with The People’s Matrix until May 2015 when they moved to Sesotho Media and Development holding the position of Gender and Sexuality officer.

Sheriff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental History and Cultural Heritage from the National University of Lesotho and other certificates of achievements in Public Policy, Governance and Leadership and Marginalization, Exclusion and Inequality through OSISA and LGBTI Sensitization Certificate.

Sheriff is also working towards Trans representation and visibility of trans stories in film, in 2014 successfully leading in the locally produced documentary titled, ‘The man in Me’. Sheriff has recently led the second award winning documentary ‘I am Sheriff’ which was part of the 2016 Berlin LGBTI Film Festival, Montreal 2019 and the Beijing Queer Film Festival on Transgender life in Lesotho. Sheriff is the former Gender DynamiX Regional Advocacy Coordinator where they worked closely with trans specific partner organizations in the region including establishing such organizations in countries where they did not exist through the Southern Africa Trans Forum. Sheriff has also represented the region at the international platforms where they submitted and presented reports before the UNHRC and assisted in the UPR processes for partner organizations. They have also led the first trans specific/led research in Southern Africa.

Sheriff is the first GNC individual to change their first names on their legal documents and the first person to access Gender affirming surgery in Lesotho which opened doors to many and is currently challenging their legal gender recognition. They are holding a position of Senior Administrator and Researcher at Accountability International, Cape Town office with the major focus on scorecard development. 

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