Treyvone Moo

Treyvone identifies as non binary and uses they/them pronouns. Their education is as varied as their interests and they hold bachelor’s in Strategic Communication, Marketing Management as well as Fashion Design.

Moo is a queer culturist, activist and and recent editor of EXIT, Africa’s oldest LGBTQIA+ Publication. As a queer protagonist who constantly challenges social norms they believe in a future that no longer sees gender, sexuality and race as a determining factor to economic progression in the modern world. Their cultural work seeks to affect the vibrational space that is both bodily memory and anticipation. Treyvone seeks to unpack how the marginalized community can use spaces that employ sound and the movement of the body to express liberation, reject objectification, express joy, and decolonize struggle.

A founding member of Le Grand Ball the curator believes that community is practice and hopes the event space will reflect on the political and collective imperatives of asserting one’s identity, to rage against homophobia and oppressive policies, and to present acts of love and intimacy. With their writing work Treyvone seeks to portray and archive the current Pan-African narrative in a voice that aims to disrupt the conservative and oppressive legacy of colonization on the continent.

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