Malachi Allen

Hello my name is Malachi Allen I’m 28 years old, I was born in Memphis Tennessee now I resigned and Jonesboro Arkansas.

I am a trans guy I have been transitioning for 3 years now and now I have a newborn child he is 2 months he was born on August 20th 2020. My everyday life consists of making sure that he is okay.

I also spend time doing arts and crafts and I am a male entertainer some of you may know it as drag King. I’ve been doing that about a year now it is my great escape and my stage name is demonte Knight.

Transitioning for me have been a silent war zone only because I know what’s going on and what I’m facing everyday but no one else does from the depression the suicide thoughts dealing with pregnancy as a male and a lot of the hate that is going on the list is endless when it comes to this silent war that I am facing everyday but still I continue to fight for who I am.

A lot of people ask me when did I notice that I was trans … honestly ever since I can remember probably from the age of four or five but I didn’t know anything about transitioning until I was around the age of 23 and I did not start transitioning until I was 25. I have had top surgery back in 2018 of November.

What I plan to accomplish in my transition is to motivate other trans guys that is coming up and to educate them and let them know it’s okay to be who you are and just to be a positive activist when it comes to being a pregnant trans men to let people know that it is okay to carry your own child and not feel bad about it. So I enjoy being a trans man it is not easy but it is who I am Malachi Allen.

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